Hello everyone and Welcome to my Blog VIRTUAL ELEMENTS! 

Back in 1992 I was the host of a Hip-Hop Radio Show for 90.1 KZSU Stanford called (The 4 Corners).  It was an Incredible experience and I met alot of key players in the Underground Hip-Hop scene, during my time there I was able to explore many different genres of music, such as; Indie Rock, Lounge, Deep house, and World Music and others.  This opened my eyes to others types of music that you usually don’t get to hear in the mainstream media so I’ll try to share a few of those tracks with you guys.

Back in the days I was introduced to Incredible drawings and illustrations by my older brother and friends who would sketch out some of their favorite characters from Cartoons and a collection of comic books.  I was always deep in the Hip Hop scene so naturally I got involved in Graff writing and met some key writers like GIANT, TWIST, HIT, AWAR, FOKUS, JSTER, ARI and CLONE just to name a few.  I really admired their artwork and enjoyed checking out some all of the different styles and techniques, it inspired me to try to draw like the and try to develop my own style.  I am still developing my skill and I have plenty to learn but I wanted to share some of the works I have done over the years.  

Recently I’ve created a Behance account and I try to update that with new works.  You can view my Behance portfolio by clicking on the (My Artwork) tab and the top of the screen. 

Sometime in the year 2000 I fell in love with a lil’ Hatchback from Germany called the Volkswagen MK4 GTI!  Ever since I have been a really big fan of all things Volkswagen.  A few years ago I was able to purchase a 2006 Black MKV GTI (AKA Betty) and I Luv this car!  they are so fun to drive and all of the other Dub Heads I have met are great people.   With a collection of talented photographers we are constantly updating with photo’s from our local car scene and various others shows and clubs.

Anyways thats a little about me and my inspiration for TUMBLIN” I hope you guys enjoy the blog, feel free to leave a message, comment or just add me as a Tumble Buddy!

Peace & Love!